OpenType math fonts

Free math fonts included in CTAN

Font name CTAN Website
Asana Math asana-math  
DejaVu Math TeX Gyre 1 dejavu-otf
Fira Math 2 firamath
GFS Neohellenic Math gfsneohellenicmath
Latin Modern Math lm-math
Libertinus Math libertinus
STIX Math stix 3
STIX Two Math stix2-otf
TeX Gyre Bonum Math tex-gyre-math-binum
TeX Gyre DejaVu Math 1 tex-gyre-math-dejavu
TeX Gyre Pagella Math tex-gyre-math-pagella
TeX Gyre Schola Math tex-gyre-math-schola
TeX Gyre Termes Math tex-gyre-math-termes
XITS Math xits

Other free math fonts

Font Name Website
Berenis ADF Pro Math Regular
Garamond-Math 2
Neo Euler 4

Commercial math fonts

Font Name Website
Cambria Math
Lucida Bright Math OT


  1. DejaVu Math TeX Gyre and TeX Gyre DejaVu Math are actually the same.
  2. Still under development.
  3. This is the old version (v1.1.2) of STIX.
  4. This project is abandoned.

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